Top 10 Banned Dog Breeds

PitBullIn many countries around the world there are some special laws that restrict the population of certain dog breeds. Those dogs are considered to be potentially dangerous. That’s why a lot of governments are trying to reduce their number. According to me, restrictions of that kind are shame for the whole country they are coming from. However, I’m glad to share with you the Top 10 Banned Dog Breeds in the world:

1. Fila Brasiliero

These dogs are intelligent and powerful, but disturbingly aggressive. They are capable of killing a grown man. The breed is banned in Cyprus, Norway, UK, Israel and Malta.

2. Alaskan Malamutes

Malamutes are one of the most beautiful dogs on Earth. They are so cute, especially as little pups. However, it’s in their nature to hunt down whatever endangers them. Raising a puppy from that breed is a hard task. Alaskan malamutes are hyperactive and they need a special training. If trained well, they can become your best friend, though.

3. Doberman

They are unusually aggressive to strangers. If a watchdog is what you need, this is the right choice! Their size and physical characteristics make that breed potentially dangerous.
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Choosing the Best Dog Breed to Complete Your Family

Best Dog BreedDogs have been included in households around the country for centuries, completing a family in a way. Many believe that every child should have a pet of some kind and most households will choose a cute and cuddly puppy.

There are many considerations which need to be made before even thinking of adding a puppy to your family. Have you decided who will train the puppy, who will feed it and who will be responsible for the exercise? Even with a large walled garden, a dog still needs regular walks and the chance to socialize with other dogs.

For households with children, the decision on whether to add a puppy to the family is taken that one step further. You need a puppy that when it grows up will be good with children of all ages, you cannot take the risk of the dog being aggressive and causing harm to your children.

There are a selection of dogs, some you may not have thought of, which make fantastic family pets. They will grow up in the home, be loyal and be good with children.

Most families automatically start looking for Labrador and Golden Retriever puppies when they decide it’s time to add a dog to their family. These dogs are known to be gentle, loyal and loving, but what many people don’t realize is they are medium sized dogs and they are very boisterous puppies.
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The World’s Most Healthiest Dog Breeds

Healthiest Dog BreedsIt might surprise that while reading this list what dogs are known to be healthier than others. When choosing out a dog for a companion or as a new addition to the family you need to consider a lot of options. For one, you want your puppy dog to live a long healthy lifestyle. A good step to ensure that you get a dog that will survive and live life to the fullest is to get a breed that is known to not have that many health issues.

Of course while the breed of a dog will not largely determine how healthy or long it will live. The more important factors that determine this are diet, lifestyle and how well the dog is taken care of; it is still interesting to see what dogs seem to have less health problems than others.


The first dog breed that we are going to look at is the basenji. This particular dog breed is known to live a long healthy life. Although it does lack the ability to bark, this dog often does well. The most common problems for Basenjis are hips and leg issues, although usually these are easily treated by a vet.


The common race dog is indeed very healthy and a great dog to have as a member of the family! Greyhounds are known to have dental problems however so make sure that you feed them a diet that is rich in raw meat and bones! Never feed a dog cooked bones or meat!
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Buy Pet Food Online for Pets’ Heart Health

If you want your pet to have good heart health, you want to give him quality pet food and the best way to do this is by visiting and buying some of their brands of pet food online. A benefit of buying pet food online is that it is convenient for you and you will not have to stand in crowded lines at the local stores. Another advantage of shopping at websites such as is the numerous bargains you will find on this website and the discounts that are offered on bulk products.

What Should I Consider When Buying Dry Pet Food?

You want to choose a dry pet food that includes good proteins such as chicken, lamb, turkey or beef because dogs need proteins in order to maintain good heart health. A majority of the dry pet foods on contain adequate amounts of proteins and they also come with vegetables. Watch out for dry pet food that contains fillers and grains as this is unhealthy for your pets.

Look for Pet Food With Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber

If you are searching for pet food online through a website like, you should look for foods that are high in vitamins, minerals and fibre. Manganese, potassium, calcium and phosphorous contribute to your pet’s heart health so when reading the product descriptions, look for these minerals.


Buying pet food online is not only convenient but also affordable since offers discounts on products during the week. When you purchase pet food online you also get the chance to buy a variety of foods from new and established brands. Finally, this online pet store offers timely delivery of your pet food.

What you Can Hope to Find with Online Pet Store

In today’s world, you will see that there are a number of online pet store that provide you with the best quality it pet supplies such as food etc. Because pet owners love their pets and like to pamper them as much as possible, they try to look for pet accessories that express just how much they appreciate the pet. Most of these people will prefer branded products over those that are available over the local market simply because they know that they are getting the best quality.

You will find that the people who want the best for their best often consult the internet for what to buy and what not to as this is the place where you can get all your answers. Unfortunately, there are still some new pet owners that do not know the sort of benefits that are provided by online pet supply shopping, and that is exactly what i am going to be telling you about. Read the following pointers to know what you can hope to find when you shop from my pet warehouse stores.

• Even though there are a lot of options available in your local market, you will find that there is an even wider range of products that you can find on online stores. These shops will be full of pet accessories and foods that you cannot possibly find at any physical store nearby. Moreover, searching for the items of your choice is easy and simple as all you will have to do is to type in your command and the product will come up.

• Because of the competitive environment of the internet, you can hope to find your product in a considerably low price. Also, even if you don’t find much of a difference between the prices offered by one store to another, you can at least save up a lot of time, effort and money when compared to physical shopping. This is so because when you are actually shopping, you may have to go from one place to another which will take up your gas and time, but with online mypetwarehouse stores, you can avoid all of that.